Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Surprise rehearsal and show details:

OK class, let's review:)

1. Lowville crew arrive between 4 and 4:30 for rehearsal

2. Evans Mills crew arrive at 6 for rehearsal

3. Company dancers be there as close to 4 as possible.

4. All dancers check in in the lobby. Ask ALL questions of desk attendants. Make overdue payments with THEM. This will expedite REHEARSING and let me "just direct"! THANKS....

5. Sit with group (and parents as chaperones) in auditorium and await further instructions. Get dressed in FIRST number prior to this, please!

6. When you are completely DONE with your dance(s) you may leave.

7. Do not leave ANY costumes/props in the building. Take them home!

8. No FLASH photos, please.

9. Be patient. Rehearsal equals "a work in progress".

10. We do not believe in perfection. We believe in attempting perfection!

Get a GOOD night's rest, eat a healthy breakfast on Saturday....

1. Evans Mills show is at 2 p.m. Arrive around 1:20. Follow same directions as rehearsal.

2. Lowville show is at 7 p.m. Arrive around 6:20. Follow same directions as rehearsal.

REMEMEMBER part of being a great performer is being a better than great audience member. Respect those who are on stage- give them your attention and be quiet!!

Once students are in the hallway, there should be limited, whispered, talking.

Once students are in the wings/stage area, there is NO talking unless there is an "emergency".

Parents, kindly do NOT stay in the backstage area. Teachers and Company dancers will help with children. We canNOT have 100 parents staying backstage and run the show effectively. Please drop them off and pick them up PROMPTLY after their performance. At that time, they may sit with their family and watch the remainder of the show!

Storm and Lillie's family are very excited and grateful for this special day. Let's keep the "Big Picture" and holiday spirit in mind...and here we goooooo!


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